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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services 

When it comes to business, your workplace must look presentable, for the satisfaction of clients and employees alike. And one of the biggest parts of the workplace is the flooring. 

So what better way to treat your carpets than to have them shampooed? 

That’s not all carpet cleaning offers though. It can also increase the longevity of your carpets by many years by removing unwanted matter deep in the pile of the carpets. 
The main problem workplaces with carpeted floor come to have are what we call “traffic lanes”. Traffic lanes are the noticeable areas where dirt and debris from outside or around the workplace collect, usually in the centre of carpets that see a lot of use. 
By focusing on these areas a noticeable change can be applied to your carpets that will greatly improve the overall appearance your workplace. 
It’s not just traffic lanes that can soil the workplaces floors. Stains and smells can also make themselves present. Stains such as tea, food, ink etc, can be treated with the specialist stain removal solutions provided by Prochem, to assure the best method of treating many stains. 
While unwanted odours are not as common as stains they may nevertheless become present, to which we can deodorize with Prochem deodorizer which neutralizes the odour and leaves behind a pleasant scent instead. 
It's also highly recommended that you have the carpets cleaned at least biannually to get the best results of removing traffic lanes and other stains. 
Our rates are £1.75 per square metre. But with jobs larger than 100 sqm the rate is £1.50 
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