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Chemicals Used on Jobs 

Dry Blend is the powdered soap in which we dilute with water in the deep soil extraction machine. This is the basic product we use to clean carpets. 
If the Dry Blend mixture doesn’t get the job done, we then apply special stain removal agents: 
Multi Pro is used to spot greasy patches and freshen up high-traffic areas. This can also be used on occasions to bring out coloured stains, such as felt-pen marks and wine. 
Stain Pro spots a wider range of stains, such as coffee, tea, foods stains and blood. This can also be used for wine and rich-coloured stain as well. 
Rust Remover is applied to rust stains left by metal feet and legs of upholstery or most other things metal. This can sometimes be used to bring up wine/blood-stains. 
For gum, oil and ink, white spirit is used to pre-spot before shampooing out the remains with our machine. 


If your carpet has just been stained take action right away, by soaking and dabbing the effected area with a cold wet towel. Cold water can never do anymore harm to your carpet than has already been done. If the stain persists then call Murphy’s Carpets. 
To avoid traffic lanes from forming on your carpets, it is highly recommended that shoes be taken off at the door. 
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